Getting ready for the spring growing season:)

As you can see from the list below, we’ve published a fair number of posts on this blog relating to food security and stressing the importance of community orientated food growing and distribution. Some of the posts also refer to the thorny issue of who owns and controls the land. The people associated with this project don’t just pontificate about collectively growing food and appropriating land as they see fit. As you can see from the two images above taken on an estate in Laindon where a comrade from Basildon & Southend Housing Action was instrumental in setting up a community garden on their estate – they get on with it! Just in time for the spring, new raised beds have been installed expanding the growing capacity. As the growing season progresses, we hope to be bringing you updates on how the vegetables are getting on. The point we want to make is that with the will, a bit of graft and the front you need to appropriate land that wouldn’t be doing anything otherwise, it’s possible to start growing at least some of your own food even if you don’t have access to a garden.

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