The image above and the post below were first published on the Facebook page of Brenna Quinlan. We’ve re-posted it here because it resonates with some of the ideas and issues we’ve written about on this blog and also over on The Stirrer. It’s all part of the process of throwing different ideas about how we can collectively get off the treadmill and start to build the world we want into the mix.

Feeling overwhelmed?

I hear you. Once we start running on the treadmill it can be hard to step off. We need money to get by in the world, so we work as hard as we can, so much so that we end up short on time to do those money-saving and soul-nourishing things we used to do. You know the ones – camping with the kids, riding or walking to town, getting out into the garden, reading books. A life short on time starts to cost us more money…so before long we need more work, and around and around it goes.

The system sets us up for this kind of life. GDP grows when people are toiling away and filling the gaps with purchases that they would otherwise produce themselves. Seeing the psychologist, drinking more than you know is healthy, and getting takeaway for dinner again because you’re too tired to cook is all great news for GDP.

The good news is that you have some control over the balance of your life. Sometimes it’s as simple as making the time to step back and look at your patterns with fresh eyes (friends can be great mentors for this). Rest is a radical act, and is a human need often left behind.

What ways have you found to restore the balance in your life? And what resources have you found to be helpful?


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