Working together to build an ethical, sustainable economy!

A dynamic organisation to promote ethical businesses in the region. Also to provide mutual aid and support, keeping capital in the local ethical economy.

Please be aware, as with most of our projects, it’s about members taking control of situations rather than us leading. We are here to promote, advise and encourage mutual aid and support.

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Big business wants to go green. They try to portray this as caring about the crisis of climate change. Sure there may be a survival instinct in some of this but the reality is they see profits in ‘going green’. Profits that will still come at the cost of exploiting people and nature.

Veganism is going mainstream. Look on the forums of vegan groups and all too often, there’s an uncritical celebration of the likes of Greggs introducing a vegan sausage roll or one of the food arms of a multi-national like Unilever developing and selling vegan products. These companies are only doing this because they think they can make huge profits out of us. The thing is, with all their other activities, they still exploit workers, animals and the environment. There’s nothing ethical about these companies so why celebrate when they launch vegan products? All they’re doing is trying to exploit our concern for animal welfare and the environment.

SEEBA want to cut through all of this bullshit and enable small traders who source and practice ethically to help and support each other. For example, if you’re in Southend, rather than popping into Greggs for a vegan sausage roll, thereby supporting their exploitative practices, why not patronise one of the vegan cafes in the area doing their level best to be ethical? It’s about creating a parallel, non-exploitative economy that respects people, animals and our environment.