This by the people behind the Sensible Garden – a resident maintained pocket garden in South Norwood. One that’s now five years old. We know of a few pocket gardens in the area we cover that are maintained on pretty much the same principles and…they’re doing just fine:) Basically, it’s about trusting people to do the right thing by each other rather than relying on a leader and a hierarchy…

Questions and answers

Is there a committee? NO

Do you have meetings? NO

Is it run by the council? NO

Is it run by a church? NO

Do I have to join a group to come and help? NO

Do I have to know lots about gardening to help out? NO

Do I have to turn up on a regular basis? NO

Can I just go on my own and do weeding or litter picking? YES

Can I go and use the picnic benches at any time? YES

Do I have to pay any money to come and help? NO

Am I allowed to donate plants? YES


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