We follow a wide range of people on Twitter for an equally wide range of reasons. They range from allies to people who need to have a very close eye kept on them and everything in between. A few of the characters we follow could best be described as ‘lone wolf survivalists’. Their plan for when the s**t hits the fan is to head off to a pre-prepared bolthole in a remote rural area, armed to the teeth and prepared to sit it out/shoot it out until the crisis is over.

Somehow, we get the impression that a lot of these plans are little more than testosterone fuelled fantasies that would crumble at the first sign of real trouble. Not only that, in the fairly densely populated islands that make up the British Isles, remote rural areas are at a bit of a premium. The ones that do exist tend to be in hill or mountain country and aren’t exactly conducive to off grid food growing – good luck with trying to survive in a peat bog at 1,000 feet plus above sea level!

Without wanting to be alarmist, we do live in troubled times and as a result of a combination of malice and incompetence from those who presume to rule over us, things could start to fall apart quite rapidly. That could be anything from food shortages as a result of poor harvests through to supply chain collapses if the internet goes down for an extended period of time. In an increasingly individualised and atomised age, it’s easy to see how panic could develop and spread.

A lot of what we’re trying to do with this Grassroots Alternatives project, and also with its predecessor Alternative Estuary, is encouraging community resilience, self sufficiency and solidarity. These are desirable in and of themselves and would be the building blocks for the kind of society we want. On top of that, should for whatever reason the s**t starts to hit the fan, it’s community resilience that will get us through to the other side where we can really start to fight for and work for the future we want.

Bear in mind that should things start to seriously fall apart, those who presume to rule over us will only be concerned about their own survival and that of the corporate behemoths they ultimately serve. Apart from trying to keep the lid on what could be a very volatile and dangerous situation, please don’t be fooled for one minute that in a crisis situation, our rulers have any regard for our welfare. They don’t, full stop. All we will have is each other and we need to plan accordingly.

That’s why we’re reproducing the above graphic which we scrounged off Twitter. It’s aimed at getting people to stop and think about how they would respond in a serious crisis and what can be done to turn the situation to our advantage.