The post below was first published on the Facebook page of Brenna Quinlan. We’ve reposted it because it a) chimes with what we believe in and b) from our own experience is true, as you can read here: Actually maintaining a community garden:)

Ever feel like there’s no point? Like you’re too small to make a difference? Like the problem is too big to solve?

We all get those thoughts sometimes, and thinking that way is a completely normal reaction to the scale of the issues we’re currently facing. So give yourself a hug, you’re not alone in this.

It’s when we get stuck in this way of thinking that the balance gets thrown out. On a personal level, we feel happy when we feel empowered: people need to feel like they CAN do something to bring about positive change, and feelings of apathy and disconnect tend to draw on us emotionally. On a societal level, politicians and corporations only make change when people demand and inspire it, so each one of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to keep on doing our thing with systemic change in mind.

There’s the community level too, of course. By feeling plugged in and connected, we’re building happier and healthier communities around us.

Each of us has power to bring about positive change. Whenever you forget, gently remind yourself that it’s still there, waiting till you feel better again πŸ’š