Alternative Bristol is a hub to find out about events, groups and news about all things alternative and progressive happening in Bristol.”

As you’ll read in the post below which was first published on Alternative Bristol – for a variety of reasons, they’re having to cease operating. It would be a real shame if Bristol loses this progressive hub, which is why they’re looking for a new collective to take it over.

It’s Goodbye From Us! Now – Who’d Like To Take Over A Media Platform?

The small collective behind the Alternative Bristol website & social media, for the last 4 years, is ceasing operations.

Rather than just shut it all down, we’d like to offer it up to a new collective to take it over and run it as they see fit.

Why are we stopping now? It’s a simple combination of work, life, family, health and other projects – we just don’t have the time nor energy to even do a half-decent job of it anymore! Over the last few months our output has dropped off significantly, as is clearly obvious, and we don’t see a way to change that.

We’re also increasingly pissed off with social media, and it’s algorithms, and it’s echo chamber. Plus…the fact that social media has become such a dominant activity, and outlet, for campaigners, activists and others. Maybe you’ll feel differently?

What was it all about? Alternative Bristol, like Bristol Indymedia before it, was never a specifically ‘anarchist’ platform, as the ‘About’ section on the website made clear. We wanted to create and manage a platform for progressive/radical political ideas, opinions, blogs, groups and events.

What’s available? The Lot. Website, FB, Twitter & Reddit accounts. We’ll remove ourselves from all logins. You’ll need to take over the website hosting, and we may ask you to pay us for the couple of years we’ve pre-paid. One of us can explain all the techie side of it to you.

We’d ask that you retain the website/other archives & old posts, at least for now – but it’ll all be under your ‘new management’.

Who can it go to? If we know you or know of you, or someone we know can vouch for you, then you are in the mix. If you are aligned to one specific political party, or only into it for an ego trip, then no go.

We’d suggest you’ll need at least 4 people with time and commitment, but ideally more.

The website will need an overhaul and update, not least to be more mobile friendly.

What now? If you are interested please email with a name, a mobile number (can use signal), and a few words of why and how you’ll take it on. Plus any questions!

Use the email only, don’t send us questions via social media.