Image from The Bristol Activist

We said we’d be attending this protest against the attack on nature – We’ll be there… 1.10.22 – and that’s exactly what we did. If you have a look at the image above, you’ll see the two of us standing at the back holding up copies of the Grassroots Alternatives paper:)

The protest was called at very short notice in response to the threat to what’s left of nature in this country posed by the government announcing it was intending to loosen up restrictions on what companies can and can’t do. It’s an issue that even mainstream organisations such as the RSPB felt they had to voice their concerns over.

We attended and while it was a small protest, it was a very useful opportunity to talk to people, network and start to plug into the alliances we’ll need as we go forwards. This is how the event was written up by The Bristol Activist:

Protesters condemn government “attack on nature” 3.10.22

After the massive protests of the weekend, the small crowd gathered on College Green for the #AttackOnNature demo felt like a welcome change of pace.

Two dozen people, including several Green councillors, gathered this afternoon (October 3), the United Nation’s World Habitat Day, to protest the government’s proposed investment zones.

Investment zones are envisaged as areas of accelerated development where planning regulations are relaxed and business taxes lowered to “tackle barriers to growth”, according to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. Critics say the plans will strip essential environmental protections.

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