The poster shown above is promoting the community vegetable project we’re currently involved in. If you’re in or near to Keynsham and you like the idea of getting involved in a hands on project, you can find out how to get involved here:

Keynsham Community Veg Plot in the Park –

Below are a selection of posts we’ve published on the topic of community food growing and the role it plays in bringing a little bit of power and control back down to the grassroots. We hope they’ll give you the inspiration to get involved in a project in your neighbourhood, or if there isn’t one, to get together with a few friends and neighbours and start one from scratch.

The resources you need to find or start a project can be found here: The Directory and in these sub-sections: Avon: Projects & campaigns and here: Essex: Projects & campaigns.

Residents are greening Knowle 16.11.22

“All of the above mentioned projects are exactly the kind of initiatives that Grassroots Alternatives wants to support and promote. They’re about residents making a real difference in their neighbourhoods. That’s not just the physical difference of transforming a space but equally important, bringing people together creating friendships and bonds, offering them the opportunity to develop new skills and empowering them to take more control over their lives and neighbourhood.”

It can be done:) 21.10.22

“One resident growing food on a balcony may well seem to be an individualistic solution. When many residents in a block are growing their own food it starts to become a communal effort. When that’s combined with guerilla gardening odd plots around the estate, it becomes something bigger – namely starting to collectively take back control of the food supply.”

Starting local and then working outwards from there 1.10.22

“Over the years we’ve come to the conclusion that if radical change is going to happen, we have to start at the local level in our neighbourhoods and then build outwards from there. That means working on the kind of projects that bring a little power and control back down to the grassroots. These projects can encompass anything from community kitchens and food banks, through community food growing and onto repair cafes and skill shares.”

A community vegetable plot in every park? 22.8.22

“After our stint at the vegetable plot in the park, we started thinking how good it would be to have a community vegetable plot in every park. Depending on the type of neighbourhood the plot would be in, the focus of what it’s trying to achieve would vary. Needless to say, it has to be something the community genuinely wants as opposed to activists parachuting into a neighbourhood with grand ideas for turning everyone into an organic gardener.”