We’ve got about sixty copies of the first issue of our Grassroots Alternatives paper left which we hope to shift by the middle of January. You can download a copy of it from here. If anyone wants to take some of these off our hands to give to people they think would be interested, feel free to get in touch and we’ll try and sort something out.

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You can find all of our current and past issues of Grassroots Alternatives and Alternative Estuary here: Papers

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We’ve been writing and laying out the second issue of the Grassroots Alternatives paper. We hope to get this off to the printer by the middle of January with a view to getting distribution underway by February. There is one major change in that the resource and campaign directory on the back page of the first edition has grown so large, it would be impossible to reproduce it on the back page of a four page paper! That’s a nice problem to have:) We’ve solved it by putting these links to the directory on the back page of the second issue:

The directory

Avon – Projects & campaigns

A4 sized, printable PDFs can be downloaded from these pages

The distribution will mainly be in Bath and Bristol with some taking place in the smaller towns such as Keynsham. We’re still experimenting with different ways of getting the paper out. These range from finding venues sympathetic to our aims willing to take a small bundle for their patrons through to handing them out at events such as eco and vegan fairs and last but by no means least, the tried and trusted method of handing them out on protests. If any of you in the Avon region are sympathetic to what we’re trying to achieve and want to help out with distribution of the next issue, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll get a bundle of papers to you.

Why do we produce the Grassroots Alternatives paper and it’s sister publication in Essex, Alternative Estuary? Quite simply, the aim is to support and encourage, projects that make a difference to life in the communities they’re based in and in the process, bring a bit of power down to the grassroots. It’s also to inspire people to get together and start a project of their own if they feel there’s a need for it.

Suffice to say that after easing off a bit over Yuletide, we’re looking forward to getting out and about early next year with the new paper:)