Summon the spirit of Old Crockern – Dartmoor’s ancient defender against greed!

Join Right to Roam and The Stars are for Everyone as we call on the spirit of Old Crockern to protect Dartmoor’s ancient rights!

The High Court has judged in favour of abolishing the right to wild camp on Dartmoor; the only place in England where it was legal.

Alexander Darwall, a multimillionaire estate owner in south Dartmoor has used his wealth and entitlement to remove our ancient right to connect with the land: all by contesting a byelaw from the 1980s which simply acknowledged the long established practice of sleeping under the stars.

We say: absolutely not!

We are calling on the spirit of Old Crockern, the ancient protector of the moor, to oppose this decision. Old Crockern represents the values that sit within our campaign and those that embody Dartmoor: inclusivity, freedom, growth, relationship and humanity.

We call on the many generations of people who love Dartmoor; locals, visitors, campers, farmers, walkers, students, naturalists, land workers, fishers, climbers, swimmers, bikers, canoeists, stonewallers, hedge layers, spirits old and new, to join us in opposition.

You can read about and find out how to join this event here.