A few weeks ago, we put up this post – Stronger As One 9.1.23 – to inform our readers about a meeting called by Extinction Rebellion Bristol aimed at bringing a range of environmental action groups together. We didn’t attend – that’s down to one train and one bus an hour back out to Keynsham from Bristol making getting back home from evening events in the city a somewhat fraught affair to say the least!

Anyway, this statement about the outcome of the meeting turned up in our inbox this morning so, for the purposes of keeping our readers informed about developments, we’re reproducing it in full:

Stronger As One

Bristol’s environmental, climate, social and economic justice groups must stand side by side, because we can be stronger as one.

On Thursday 19th January Extinction Rebellion Bristol hosted a meeting at the Malcolm X Community Centre of local groups concerned with environmental, climate, social and economic justice, and the multiple, overlapping crises we all face.

97 people attended from 61 organisations to explore how we can work together. They ranged from local grassroots groups to Bristol branches of national organisations and, of the over 200 invited, many more who were unable to attend expressed an interest in this important work.

The large number of such groups in Bristol shows the widespread concern about these interlocking crises and the fragmented nature of the movements demanding change.

As groups working for positive social change and climate justice, we are a broad and diverse ecosystem, but one thing we all know is that we can’t afford this anymore, and change is needed now. Our government needs to hear this message loud and clear, and we will be stronger if we stand side by side and coordinate our actions.

Extinction Rebellion had no pre-set agenda for the Stronger As One meeting.

As XR our central aim is to end the social, environmental and ecological harms of climate change, but we are not unique or alone in this. These are aims we hold in common with groups across Bristol and beyond.

And we also all know that sustainability isn’t just about climate change – it’s about everything we need to grow and flourish as human beings and as a society. It’s about climate and ecological justice, yes, but also social justice, community and equity, and all the big and small ways we create the conditions where that can happen.

This meeting aimed to start a conversation about how we can work more closely together.

In part because in XR we know that in our hurry – in this emergency, that demands such rapid action – we have sometimes neglected to do important relationships work and haven’t always given it the time and attention it deserves. Building those relationships takes time and trust.

And the solutions to these crises we face are often the same. This meeting was a start in finding where those synergies might lie and understanding what powerful collective action might look like in these desperate times.

What emerges won’t be owned by XR, but as a social tipping point approaches, we’ll be there, working with other Bristol groups. This meeting was the first step on that journey.

If you have any questions or ideas about this, please email: xrbristol.regional@protonmail.com