We Are Avon – a regional food and land project

This looks like it will be an interesting event and hopefully, the start of something new in the region. We’ll be going along to this one.

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An introduction and exploration of We Are Avon, an emergent project aiming to regenerate land and communities in the the Avon bioregion.

By Hamish Evans

Saturday 18 February | 17.00 – 19.00

Museum of Bath at Work Julian Road Bath BA1 2RH

This session is a community event open to all to come and find out about an emerging local food systems project called We Are Avon. A short presentation and outline of the project will be followed by discussion around its themes, strategy and vision. One purpose of this is to gather as much diverse community input into its creation, another aim is to bring the necessary people together around this local food movement e.g. producers, consumers, communities, organisations, council, land owners, community growers etc… all are welcome!

The vision for We Are Avon is a collective network of people, growers, organisations, and communities committed to regenerating the lands, waters, local economies and cultures around Bath, Avon and Bristol. The three branches of We Are Avon are: 1) Avon Producers co-operative (including the Hive, a community Food Hub), 2) Avon Land Trust and 3) Avon Landworkers. These three cogs of change relating to 1) Collaboration, 2) Land and 3) People are woven together in an ambitious regional scale project proposal to enliven hope and spark real action in a time when we need grounded solutions from the soil up.

The broad (and emerging) aims of the project are:

– secure land access for custodians and communities (through Avon land trust) for the proliferation of sustainable livelihoods and local resilience to environmental changes

– Train new growers and stewards, offering opportunities in this life path as a viable and exciting option for young people.

– create a viable regional model for a UK wide regeneration movement, where other bioregions e.g. We Are Exmoor can also catalyse community resilience and relational food webs

– Establish a regenerative and socially just food system for the Bath and Avon region, including a diverse Producer co-operative and a Food Hub.

Please email weareavon@outlook.com if any questions or comments, and follow our instagram for updates @Weareavon1

To reserve a place at this event, visit this page.

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