Grassroots Alternatives No.2 is here:)

The second issue of our Grassroots Alternatives paper has been printed and delivered to us. Distribution will start pretty soon:)

As we can only afford a limited print run, we’re making it available in our DropBox as a downloadable PDF which you can access here.

PLEASE NOTE – For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you download these PDFs from DropBox to your PC/laptop/phone.

One difference you will notice with this paper is that the listings of resources, campaigns and projects that was on the back page has gone. The reason being is that there’s so much going on in the Avon region, it would be impossible to fit them all onto one page! That’s a nice problem to have to be honest:)

This is where you can find all the local listings – Avon: Projects & campaigns. A downloadable, printable A4 sized directory is available as a downloadable PDF from here.

Distribution will range from handing out copies of the paper on protests and at community and vegan fairs through to getting them into venues sympathetic to what we’re trying to achieve with this project. If you’re in the Avon region, support what we do and run a venue where you think your visitors would be interested in the paper, if you want to take a small bundle, let us know and we’ll sort out a way of getting them to you.

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