A social space for Southend?

This is something the Alternative Estuary crew in the south of Essex want to get going:

Do you want a new alternative space in Southend?

Now is your chance to make it happen. Calling anarchists, libertarian socialists, vegans, alternative thinkers, hippies, punks and people with courage and heart who want radical change. We need YOU to help set up a new alternative social and welfare hub in Southend. It will be based at 94 Kensington Road, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2TA in conjunction with Southend Refills.

Contact seeba@ew-trading.com for more information.

The aim is for this space to be a meeting place and resource centre for people in Southend and the wider south east Essex region who want to bring about radical change at the grassroots. How this space will function very much depends on who steps forward to help get it up and running.

For a good few years, The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road did kind of function as an alternative space in Southend. They were always willing to take bundles of the Alternative Estuary papers and various other leaflets we produced for their patrons. It was also somewhere where meetings and other events could be hosted. Sadly, The Railway Hotel as we knew it is no more and looks set to be just another bog standard pub.

That has left a gap for grassroots activists who want a base where they can meet to plot, plan and distribute their literature. A library of radical books is also a possibility. In fact, there are many possibilities. The only limits are your imagination. Given how bad things are getting, a radical space in Southend is something that’s urgently needed. If you want to be a part of this, please use the contact e-mail above and let’s see what can happen from there:)

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