Concerned residents from Keynsham and NorthEastSomerset, the constituency of controversial MP Jacob Rees-Mogg have carried out a tongue in cheek action, with a very serious message!

A masked “Mogg on the Bog” posed by the River Chew to draw attention to the continued dumping of raw sewage into our local rivers by Wessex Water.

Jacob Rees Mogg was one of the MPs who voted down a House of Lords amendment that would have forced water companies to make continuous improvements to reduce the amount of sewage dumped in our rivers and seas.

Over the last two years, Wessex Water have discharged sewage into rivers and lakes in Bath & North East Somerset 52,488 times, causing local people to fall ill.

Water bills are going up but their chief executives have taken home £3.7 million in bonuses and benefits over that same period!

Reports in last month’s Keynsham Voice highlighted the disgusting sewage waste that was left high and dry on local river banks after recent floods receded.

Mogg Watch is part of MP Watch, a series of campaigns that launched last December to target MPs who spread climate and environmental misinformation and denialism. It scrutinises their voting records, speeches and finances.

Jacob Rees Mogg has consistently acted in support of the interests of big oil. He has voted against action on climate change, has called for “every last drop of gas and oil to be extracted from the North Sea” and has declared himself in favour of fracking. He has spoken out against support for people struggling with the cost of living crisis, all the while making huge sums of money from investing in Russian Gas. In 2014, he was referred to the parliamentary standards watchdog for failing to disclose interests in a company with millions of pounds invested in energy companies.

Mogg Watch is a grassroots network of local constituents, from a mixture of backgrounds, who call for us to be represented by those who believe in taking urgent action on the climate and ecological crisis and the cost of living crisis.

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